The Thunder Child “Veloce” Custom Guitar at Grand Guitars Magazine!

Thunder Child Veloce - Grand Guitars Magazine publication

Our Thunder Child “Veloce” custom guitar got a fantastic review from Germany’s leading guitar magazine “Grand Guitars”.

The guitar was provided by our friends at “Musikhaus Öllerer GmbH“.The editors tested it with three different amps and setups.

Their conclusion (in a kind of a rough translation) was that:

“even in the limited time of a test, it only remains for me to conclude: the two bearded men have done everything right. The brand name was already right and well chosen. The mystery of sound is re-enacted and may take concrete form in the hands of a player’…

The guitar that was tested is our tone “time machine”.

The Thunder Child Veloce Custom Guitar was actually designed in order to recreate my favorite classic guitar tones from the late 60s. That is why we used two unique lipstick humbuckers that were made for us by Dano expert

Doug Tulloch. These humbuckers with the 6 position rotary switch providing the best classic single coil and humbucker tones. 

As for the article’s headline “Beards and Beers”- that’s actually the best depiction of the workshop…

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