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Thunder Child Veloce handmade guitar special offer!!!

Rare Salvaged Judean Desert Acacia – $3600

Rare Wild Local Salvaged Rosewood – $3600

Incl. our custom options + custom brass Blues Bullet guitar slide + Hiscox quality hardshell case + international shipment

Rare Salvaged Judean Desert Acacia

Rare Salvaged Judean Desert Acacia

Rare Wild Local Salvaged Rosewood

Rare Wild Local Salvaged Rosewood

The Thunder Child “Veloce” Handmade Guitar

The Thunder Child “Veloce” handmade guitar is the hotter output version of our beloved Thunder Child handmade Guitar. It was designed to recreate the soulful and mesmerizing tones of the late 60’s early 70’s without any tone “enhancements” and sound fx. 

We’ve captured all of your favorite unique aspects of the original and added the unique classic lipstick humbuckers that are handmade for us by Dano expert -Doug Tulloch.

This time we aimed at recreating the best humbucker tones of such tone legends like Paul Kossoff, cream era Clapton, Michael Bloomfield, Jimmy Page, Peter Green and other notable 59′ burst/ humbucker guitars of the late ’60s with their sweet “woman tone” , “biting” overdriven sustainable notes , and at the same time we kept our unique “bell-like” clean chime which became part of our signature tone.

By creating six available pickup configurations you get also our classic single coil signature tone and probably one the best sounding humbucker classic tones there is.

This stunning and amazing sounding guitar is a result of another epic journey and research for the holy grail of tone,

Just like the Thunder Child- the design inspiration of the “veloce” version came from varied sources. You will be able to find echoes of fast and furious classic cars from the time of epic journeys and innovative designs.

It has the same chambered old growth red cedar body and Port Orford cedar neck, and lightweight design.
With its responsive top and traditional Shou Sugi Ban -Japanese Charred cedar finish, you have yourself a tone to die for.

The combination of lightweight Port Orford cedar neck and semi-hollow red cedar body gives an unbelievably responsive feel, woven with complex overtones that make for its warm and rich signature sound.

The guitar is equipped with a humbucker version of the most authentic Lipstick pickup replica being produced today by Dano expert Doug Tulloch.

The pickup is made with the correct full-size Alnico 6 magnets based on an original 1959 era magnet. Each magnet is then friction taped before winding exactly as the originals were. The best available vintage correct 42 AWG “Plain Enamel” coil wire is used, and most importantly, its wound directly onto the magnet. The vintage style aluminum mounting brackets are all made custom in-house on the very jigs pickup designer Tom Holmes designed/built for Jerry Jones Guitars.

Our unique handmade hardware is made from our special brass alloy for improved tone and better resonance.

Just like any guitar we build, our benchmark is “The cable Test”:

The guitar has got to sound amazing with just one cable between the guitar and the amp with its pure tone. No effects. No filters. No enhancements.

Our mission is to build you an instrument that will be your lifelong companion on your journey. To create an heirloom quality instrument. Something that will leave its mark across generations.

May the god of thunder be with you!



Body: Light weight old growth red cedar / Rare Local Salvaged Mediterranean Cyprus 

Top: Super responsive, Local Salvaged Judean Desert Acacia / Local Salvanged Wild Rosewood 

Neck: Rare Local Salvaged Mediterranean Cyprus

Fingerboard : Local Salvaged Wild Rosewood 


Neck thickness: 1st fret- 21mm (.825”) \ 12th fret- 23.5mm (.925”).

Nut material: bone/Graphtech TUSQ

Nut width: 42 mm

Fret size: Medium / High

Scale length: Long scale, 25.5”

Fingerboard radius: Dead flat / 20” / 16” / 12”

Neck Joint: Bolt on

Neck profile: Soft V shape

Inlay: Pearloid dots

Truss Rod: Dual action


Tailpiece/Bridge: Tone revival “Veloce” aged solid brass with Wilkinson adjustable compensated saddles

Pickup covers: Tone Revival thick aged brass covers for improved shielding

Jack Plate: Tone revival “Two Bearded Men” aged brass neck plate

Neck Plate: Tone revival “Two Bearded Men” aged brass neck plate

Switch plate: Tone Revival “Jupiter” aged brass toggle switch plate

Knobs: Tone Revival “Broad-cast” aged brass knobs

Tuning Machines: Golden Age Restoration/Waverly (+ $200)

Strings: Rotosound .010-.046 (Other gauges available on request)


Pickups: Our “Dynamite Sticks” humbuckers
handmade made for us by Doug Tulloch

Potentiometers: CTS

Capacitors: Orange Drops

Toggle Switch: 6-way rotary switch

Wiring: Vintage harness, Braided wire

Jack: Switchcraft


Body thickness: 43mm (1 11/16”)

Body length: 416mm (16 3/8”)

Body width: 327mm (12 7/8”)

Total Length : 945mm (37 7/32”)

Weight:3.47 kg/ 7.65 pounds

*This is a custom build. If you have any specific custom requirements please contact us

*Due to the nature of hand work and variations in materials, slight deviations from dimensions, weight, texture and color may occur

Watch the Thunder Child Veloce in Action – previous model