FAQ About handcrafting our vintage electric guitars and amps

Benjamin Millar, and David Weizmann.

To seek the holy grail (of tone).

All shades of brown.

No. Unfortunately.

With the exception of the tuning machines, adjustable saddles and fretwire, which benefit from being machine-made, all of the parts; wood, metal and bone are handmade by us in our workshops.

David is a jeweler by training and profession, and fabricate all our parts at his own workshop. Each part goes through the same process a jewel goes through, from the design phase to the final surface treatment.

Making everything ourselves and having control over the entirety of the build process, from raw materials to finished product, enables us to make the finest instruments. This is our motivation. We therefore adopted a sustainable business model that does not rely upon constant expansion, thereby maintaining our strict control over the quality of our products. We will stay small, and stay true to our craft.

Yes. “The Greatest Band Ever Band”.