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Jerusalem Pine Sonic Wonder

June 10 22
Keith Becker

Anyone scrolling the comments, I bought the last Sonic wonder, and I only wish I had more time to sit down and really get to know it, every time I pick it up it’s fantastic. I am not so much an electric player but I wanted something along the lines of a Telecaster that didn’t say Fender or Gibson on it, and to buy a guitar like this, built where it is, by an individual such as the guy who built it, is both the pleasure and the privilege. And then after all that, you get to play the thing and that is absolutely sweet to play.

Dr. Earnest Fulcher Jr, Maryland USA May 11, 2022
Judean Desert Acacia Thunder Child Veloce

It just arrived safe and sound! It looks even
 better in person than it did in the pictures, really beautiful
These are photos from a live performance. Guitar has great tones. Impressive!
 I do have to get used to the tone control switch though. I am use to toggle switch.
Everyone that has seen it really loves it especially musicians and yes you are right that tone control button really brings out a lot of different tones

Thomas Richter  

Mar 8, 2022
 Ancient olive Thunder Child Veloce

Hello David,

A belated thank you. The guitar is safely at home and being played. Not as often as I would wish…
I am extremely pleased with the guitar, the workmanship and the tones I have been getting (lack of my own ability notwithstanding !)

Hope everything is well with you!

Peter Liffers, Germany 

Jan 11, 2022

Judean Desert Acacia Thunder Child Veloce

The guitar has arrived and I’m very impressed. After some little setup, it plays very well, and I’m just starting to explore the sounds.
Recorded just some rhythm tracks for a new song of my band.

Even at the Kemper profiler, it works excellent on the volume and tone knobs, and tomorrow I will try my tube amps.

I didn’t expect that the back of the neck is so glossy, but it seems to behave completely different than the nitro lacquer of most Gibsons. Usually, I have tung oiled necks or satirized lacquers on my guitars, but it’s no problem at all.
This lacquer works

Again thank you for the excellent work. I will send a demo or video , when the guitar is on stage or in the studio.

Take care 


Jerusalem Pine Sonic Wonder with patinated brass hardaware and a custom bridge ashtray cover.

Art Smith, Alabama, Jan 25th 22

Sonic Wonder arrived and it is glorious. I couldn’t be happier. Love the body and wood grains, the imperfections are a huge plus for me. Great tones, wonderful metalwork, terrific neck carve, etc, etc.

The Thunder Child #46

Hi David.  I wanted to thank you for the amazing craftsmanship you put into the design of your guitar(s).  I had the pleasure of purchasing one of your amazing guitars that you sent to Lonnie Good, and I was amazed at the craftsmanship and artistry of your design.  Not only that, but the “Tone Revival-Thunder Child” I believe is a very special guitar.  

Thank you for all your efforts in building such a beautiful piece.  
May HIS Name be forever magnified, praised, and glorified in all the earth!  
It truly is an amazingly crafted instrument.  
Thank You for your passion for excellence.  It shows through your incredible craftsmanship!!!  

Tone Revival; Thunder Child # 072946 (Purchased April 18, 2021)

Glory and Praise to HaShem,

The Thunder Child Veloce #42

Musician Travis Abbott with his Judean Desert Acacia Thunder Child Veloce.

“You’re going to hear a whole lot of this guitar over the course of the next few years or decades or so…”


Greg got one of the first Judean Desert Acacia Thunder Child guitars


DHL delivered the most beautiful, sweetest-sounding guitar i have ever seen in my life today.  I cannot believe it is mine, and cannot thank you enough for making it. You are an absolute master.
Thank you and be well,

A fantastic testimonial or why we love our clients –  Thunder Child Handmade guitar #017

We’ve received this testimonial from Art who ordered a 9 Volts of Glory Amp
and a Thunder Child Custom Guitar.
This is what he wrote :

“I received my Thunder Child and 9 VOG guitar amp. They arrived in perfect condition. Nice packing job. I am extremely happy with both pieces, in fact, they exceeded my expectations. The guitar plays effortlessly and the fit and finish is top notch. Love the finish & the brass. I also appreciate you accommodating my request for a custom neck carve. You nailed what I was after. The ziricote FB is really nice! The guitar is so light and yet very tuneful and responsive. I find myself playing it as an acoustic even though it is best used with an amp. And the 9VOG delivers those vintage tones in spades. The cabinet is absolutely terrific. I love the wood grains. The tones from clean to overdriven take me back to my early years. Yes, I am now quite old but still remember the 60’s – early 70’s tones from my teenage years. Over the past 10 years, I have had quite a few custom builds from many different luthiers. This was one of the easiest transactions I have had. You guys communicated clearly and delivered what you promised when you promised it. Although that should be the way boutique builders operate, I can tell you that it is often just the opposite. I will be ordering from you again soon. Thank you and take care. Art”

Drew Hart Thunder Child Handmade guitar #008

Arrived Tuesday, safely.
I played her with the guys Tuesday straight out of the case-no time to get familiar, just tune and go. And, boy did we go!
I recorded it and will send you a clip. What a great Blues tone: focused and full bodied, handles overdrive/distortion very well. Subtle articulations like pick attack and vibrato sing out. My harp player asked me if I was using a wah pedal when I struck a harmonic and put vibrato on it. She definitely has her own voice; not just another Gib-Fender-son. I will expect she will be a monster for slide. Will try that next.
The setup is spot on for me and the intonation is perfect. The soft V neck contour was made for my hand.
And, man is she stable. I stretched the g string up a full third and it was still in tune afterwards.
I will be taking her to Colorado for my Blues Rendezvouz.
I couldn’t be more pleased!
Thank you both!!!”

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Marc’sThunder Child Handmade Guitar #007

“Hi, David,
I have received the guitar. It is even better looking in person and sounds great. I’m sure I’ll be back to purchase the amplifier.

Best regards,

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Stephen Barnes Thunder Child Custom Guitar #006

“Got the guitar yesterday and just opened it today. Fantastic. Each pickup position has wonderful sounds. I usually will find like I like only one position on each guitar, but not so with this. I want to spend some time trying it out with multiple amps I have but sounded so good the first thing I plugged it into that I haven’t wanted to try anything else yet, lol. Already had one friend say it was the most amazing guitar he had ever played. Thank you for making me such an amazing instrument.”

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Clint Hasse-Musician

Clint ordered a handmade silver Blues Bullet guitar slide.
The slide was specially made for him with an accurate resizing of the silver ring to the size of his finger, and he asked us to hand engrave the slide with the following sentence “Clint ain’t no Duane”-(none of us is….except for maybe Derek Trucks… )
This is what he wrote “David, the slide arrived this morning. It is something so specially made with soul. It is a perfect fit. Even the box is a work of art. Thank you very much. I will cherish it forever. Clint”

Check out Clint’s amazing new album here…

Nicholas Pash

Absolutely great product!
I won the monthly giveaway for their brass slides, and was ecstatic about it. I had been wanting one since I discovered this company, but had some other guitar equipment that I wanted to buy first. Now that I won the giveaway, my dream was coming true! I gave all my specifications (they helped me decide which specs best suited me), and got to work on it! Once it was done, they posted a video of it on their Instagram page, which you can look at if you want. Once it finally came in the mail, I was excited. I opened it up very quickly (too quickly, I cut my finger when I over sliced) and got straight to playing. It looked and sounded great!  

Fits my finger perfectly, better than any other slide I’ve used before.It makes playing so much easier as well, with the great fit. The thing I still can’t get over is how beautiful it looks. I got my engraving, “Big Nicky P”, and it looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to show it off to my band mates!

Overall, great product. Fits perfect, looks perfect, sounds perfect. If you need a first slide this might not be the one, but for an experienced player looking for the best slide money can get and/or a family heirloom to pass down, this is it!

Instagram post…


Thunder Child #005 was made for Mr. Moein C. Poudat. A musician from the Bay Area, CA

Moein wanted us to engrave the pickups add “F” hole and create a special compound fretboard radius.
He also got a 9 VOG amp with a tanned pine cabinet.
“My awesome new custom-made guitar and amp by my good friends @tonerevivalguitars I waited so long for these two babies, but it was absolutely worth it. They executed flawlessly on all details and all my requests.”

Moeins Insragram post…


Spirit of the Wind Guitar in front of 15000 Deep Purple Fans

The piece is part of a composition called “Celluloid Eyes” which was heavily influenced by the early Deep Purple albums and the great Ritchie Blackmore. Amity Band led by Yaron Amitay were the supporting act for Deep Purple in 2016 in Israel.
This demonstration was sent to us by the great Amity Band

Spirit of the Wind Guitar in the studio

This demonstration was sent to us by the great Amity Band
 The piece is part of a composition called “Celluloid Eyes” which was heavily influenced by the early Deep Purple albums and the great Ritchie Blackmore. Amity Band led by Yaron Amitay were the supporting act for Deep Purple in 2016 in Israel.  

This is the “Bouzoukitara” which was built by master luthier Benjamin Millar for oriental rock world-renowned guitar player Yossi Sassi

Yossi and this one-of-a-kind instrument shared many special on-stage moments with some of the greatest guitar icons today, such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal among others.

Here you can see Yossi and the Bouzougitara in action

Yossi explains about his roots and demonstrates the guitar in this  “Ted Talk”

custom guitar slides


Received the slide yesterday. It fit’s great. Not too heavy. And it plays like a charm.

I’m very pleased with it.