Drew Hart Thunder Child Handmade Guitar #008

guitar workshop

Drew Hart ordered his Thunder Child custom guitar with the full list of our special options. The guitar’s body is, of course, the super lightweight semi-hollow aged Canadian red cedar. He chose the “F” hole version.

The neck is the aged lightweight Port Orford Cedar with the Ziricote fretboard made shaped and radiused to his specific requests.
Drew asked us to engraved the pickup covers. He ordered the special Evo gold fret wire. Customized string gauge for the nut.

Waverly tuners and he asked us to engrave the name he chose for his guitar -“Black Betty”.

This is what Drew wrote:
Arrived Tuesday, safely.
I played her with the guys Tuesday straight out of the case-no time to get familiar, just tune and go. And, boy did we go!
I recorded it and will send you a clip. What a great Blues tone: focused and full-bodied, handles overdrive/distortion very well. Subtle articulations like pick attack and vibrato sing out. My harp player asked me if I was using a wah pedal when I struck a harmonic and put vibrato on it. She definitely has her own voice; not just another Gib-Fender-son. I will expect she will be a monster for slide. Will try that next.
The setup is spot on for me and the intonation is perfect. The soft V neck contour was made for my hand.
And, man is she stable. I stretched the g string up a full third and it was still in tune afterward.
I will be taking her to Colorado for my Blues Rendezvouz.
I couldn’t be more pleased!
Thank you both!!!”