Best guitar slides - custom made perfect fit

The first custom guitar slide, handmade and fitted according to the size of your finger, for better playing articulation and performance. Based on the classic Coricidin bottle blues slide. In our opinion its one the best guitar slides available….try us and see for yourself. 

Sterling silver or naval brass for great classic tone.

Custom hand engraved.

Sinfully made!

Starting from $98 Including worldwide shipping


⇒ Check out our Width and Length Guide for accurate sizing 

Reasons to pick The Blues Bullet “Best Guitar Slide”: 

*Unique, fully handmade brass or sterling silver guitar slide

*Custom-sized to your finger for a perfect fit and better control and articulation

*The handmade design allows perfect weight on your finger

*Classic Coricidin bottle style (Duane Allman style)

*Beautiful balanced tone with plenty of harmonics and sustain

*Add you own name, hand engraved

*Sinfully made

Samples of Our Custom Guitar Slides