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Terms and conditions of use www.tonerevivalguitars.com

1. General

The website of www.tonerevivalguitars.com (hereinafter: the website), is a website that manages a virtual store for public internet surfers all over the world.

The website is owned by Time Traveler Designs Ltd.
The wording in these terms of use are written for the purpose of ease in singular masculine, although it relates to both genders, to the many, to corporations, and other legal bodies equally.
Please read these regulations in detail before surfing on the website or before purchasing a product on the website. Further surfing on the website and reading the information posted on the website or purchasing any product constitute your agreement with the instructions of these terms of use in full. You are not obliged to agree with these terms of use, however if you do not agree, we request you to exit the website and to not use it at all.
The use of the website and its contents are to be used as is without any obligation or responsibility. The use of the contents presented in this website, and the use of the services of the website is the complete and exclusive responsibility of the user. Time Traveler Designs Ltd is not responsible because the contents of the website are updated all the time. What is written in the website is not to be interpreted as a recommendation from Time Traveler Designs Ltd in any way, shape or form.

2. Prerequisite for conducting a transaction on the website

Only a person who is 18 (eighteen) years old and above (and therefore incorporated by law into the laws of the State of Israel and who is registered in the proper registries by law) who holds a legal and valid credit card from one the of the credit companies specified below and who is allowed according to the law or by agreement with the credit card issuer to conduct transactions by means of a credit card and who possesses an email account on the Internet may conduct transactions on the website. The credit companies are: VISA CAL, VISA Alfa, Diner’s Club Israel LTD, American Express LTD, Isracard LTD.

3. User details and privacy

3.1 At The time of conducting a transaction on the website, the user will be asked to fill in the registration form with following details: Identity number: First name, Family Name (name and number of company- per circumstance) telephone, address, postal code, email and payment details. It is possible that there will be a need to fill in further details according to what appears in the website.
3.2 At the time of conducting the transaction, you must declare that the credit card that you are using to conduct the transaction belongs to you or the corporation on whose behalf you are conducting the transaction, that the credit card is valid and that it you are allowed by law or by agreement with the credit card issuer to use the credit card to conduct a transaction for the relevant amount of the transaction. In the same way, conducting a transaction constitutes a declaration that the details you filled into the registration form are correct, complete, exact and up to date…conducting a transaction by a corporation constitutes a further declaration that the one who is conducting the transaction is allowed by law and according to the edicts of the corporation to conduct transactions with tone revival guitars.

3.3 All the details that you have filled in the registration forms, including credit card details, will be collected and kept at the company and or its representative and their use will be used according to the private policy of the website. You are not obliged to provide your details, however without providing them you will not be able to conduct transactions on the website.
3.4 By using and surfing on the website you hereby agree to the privacy policy of the website.

4. Payment and provision
4.1 The charge is not immediate rather only if the product is in stock, according to the requirements of the customer’s order. In the event that the product is not in stock you will not be charged for it. Tone revival guitars does not commit to the availability of all the products in stock.
4.2 shipping terms and times of delivery of the products
4.2.1 Standard mail via Israel post, shipping time is 3-14 business days, depending o the timings of Israel post.

5. Guarantee of the products sold on the website.

The guarantee for the products advertised for purchase on the website falls on Time Traveler Designs LTD. Please contact us about any problem with the products.

6. Cancellation of a transaction

You are permitted to cancel a transaction within 14 days of receiving the product that is tied to that transaction or from the day you receive the personal transaction document from tone revival guitars, whichever one comes later. Cancellation of the transaction will be done according to the law of consumer rights 1981.
6.1 Cancellations due to a defect in the product or unsuitability of the product (clause 14 (a) in the laws of the rights of consumer), are to be in a written form and sent to the email address [email protected]
In this case, tone revival guitars will return to you within 14 days of receiving your message, the same portion of the price of the transaction that you have paid, it will also cancel your charge for the full transaction and will not charge you any handling fees, as long as you return the product and any asset you acquired by way of the transaction, according to the instructions of the law.
6.2 Cancellations which are not due to a defect in the product or unsuitability of the product (clause 14 (b) in the laws of the rights of consumer), are to be in a written form and sent to the email address [email protected]
You are to return the product to the workshop of Time Traveler Designs LTD, when it is in new condition, in its original packaging.

7. Further terms

7.1 The prices of the products on the website, conditions of provision, price of shipping, the amount of payments and every other factor on the website are exclusively controlled by tone revival guitars, which holds the right to change them from time to time, without prior notice, according to their exclusive consideration.
7.2 The website is on the Internet, (and on various communication networks that are developed due to technological advances from time to time) and by its very nature is dependent on different factors such as infrastructure providers, communication providers, functionality of servers, storage providers which can break down, malfunction, cease to function, and be damaged due to different factors. Tone revival guitars does not give any guarantee as to the functionality of the website and or its functioning without disturbances and or breakdowns. Nor does Tone revival guitars guarantee being impervious to illegal access of its computers, damages, breakdowns, failures in hardware, software or communication lines, nor does it take responsibility for damages caused by failures of its suppliers or setbacks caused by any other reason. Tone revival guitars will not be responsible for any damage, either direct indirect, or grief etc. that will be caused to you or your property as a result of the above mentioned technical difficulties.
7.4 You hereby release Tone revival guitars from any responsibility, direct or indirect, from any occurrence where a transaction and or surfing is either conducted or not conducted on the website, in total or partially, for any reason. You release Tone revival guitars from any responsibility for any technical difficulty that affects the use of the website.
7.5 Communications networks and Internet sites are exposed to attacks and break in attempts from various elements. Tone revival guitars implements various means of security in order to safeguard the privacy of information that is provided by you on the website. However, please be aware that it is not possible to secure it completely and that security breakins and penetration into information can occur. Tone revival guitars does not guarantee that the services and information on the servers of Tone revival guitars ( or on the servers of third parties that stories) will be completely impervious from unauthorized access to the information stored on the. By surfing the website, filling in your details, and conducting transactions you hereby release Tone revival guitars from the responsibility of the damage that may be caused to you or those that you represent as a result of attacks, break in attempts and penetration into information and you hereby relinquish any complaint against Tone revival guitars or its representatives in this matter.
7.6 Tone revival guitars does not guarantee that the website will not close and or that the activities wherein will not cease either temporarily or permanently and reserves the right to close the website and or its activities according to its exclusive discretion.
7.7 Without diminishing what was said above, in the event that factors and or occurrences that are not under the control of Tone revival guitars , including malfunctions in communication and computers and or force majeure will delay or prevent a transaction from taking place either in total or partially or in any way, and or the provision of the product of the transaction from arriving on the dates that were established, and or if changes take place in tax rates, and or excise duties, and or other payments that fall upon the products in between the date of advertising the product for purchase and the planned day of shipping according to the terms of acquiring the product, the Time Traveler Designs Ltd is entitled to inform of the cancellation of the acquisition, in part or in total and in such circumstances your credit card will not be charged for the transaction and if it is charged- your money will be returned, according to the instructions of the law, and this stands as your sole aid with regards to above mentioned circumstances.
7.8 In the event of a spelling mistake, grammar mistake, an error in the description of the product and or its price, an error in terms of payment, an error in the picture of the product or any other information, including in receiving your details, Time Traveler Designs Ltd is permitted yet not obligated to cancel the transaction.

8. Intellectual property

The copyright and intellectual property of the entire website and every part of it, including contents of the website, design of the website, in every program, application, computer code, graphic file, text and in every other material included in the website, between the external interface, the source code and destination code- is the sole property of Time Traveler Designs Ltd and or its suppliers, or business partners as per the matter. You may not copy, distribute, publicly present or give to a third party any of the above without the written consent in advance of Tone revival guitars . The website is restricted to personal use, and may not be used for any commercial use without prior written consent.
Subject to these terms of use is all the “ contents of the website”: all the information on the website including titles, surveys, data, information, analysis, contents and estimates and all that is in texts, pictures and or in voice, that will be at the service of the surfers on the website and users of the website using different console devices in whatever means, that exist today or will exist in the future, whether it is the property of Time Traveler Designs Ltd or the property of a third party to whom that Time Traveler Designs Ltd gives the right of their use.
8.2 The Logos on the website are the property of Time Traveler Designs Ltd or to the extent that they have been advertised by the advertisers, business partners or suppliers are the sole property of the aforementioned. They may not be used without prior written consent.

9. Links and advertisements

9.1 Tone revival guitars does not guarantee that all the links that are found on the website will be functional and will lead you to active websites. The very existence of a link to a certain website does not mean that the contents of the linked website are credible, full or updated, and Tone revival guitars will not carry any responsibility with regard to aforementioned content. Without diminishing the aforementionedTone revival guitars is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect that will be caused to you or your property as a result of use or relying on information and contents that are advertised on the website by third parties.

10. Terminating use and compensations

10.1 The Company is permitted according to its considerations, to terminate the activity of any user of the website, if he does not uphold the conditions of these terms of use, or will breach any legal instruction, including blocking an IP number.
10.2 In the event that a user breaches a condition of these terms of use and or any legal instruction, The company according to its consideration, is permitted to expose the name and details known about the user, even though a court order has not yet been served indicating this and in doing so you relinquish any complaint against Tone revival guitars , its shareholders, its managers and workers in relation to exposing the aforementioned details
10.3 You will compensate the company, its workers, managers, and salary holders, or representatives for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense that they will incur, and this clause includes lawyer’s and court fees, due to a breach in a condition of these terms of use by you and or any breach of law and or right of any third party by you.
Any disagreement, complaint, and claim in relation to conducting transactions on the website, surfing on the website, contents of the website and anything arising and or connected to the website will be judged in an Israeli court of law exclusively and by Israeli law specifically, without giving validity to the clauses or judgments or forums and authorities of any foreign court of law (including any other foreign tribunal). In addition, the contents of any foreign legal judgement are negated entirely.
If and as much as an authorized court (including a law court or other judgment passing tribunal) determines that an instruction of these terms of use is illegal or invalid, this will not cancel the rest of the instructions of these terms of use and or parts of that same instruction that was cancelled or revised by a law court.
The company reserves its right to change the terms of use and the policies with regards to privacy from time to time without needing to inform in any other way besides posting an updated version of the terms of use on the website.