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Resurrecting the Holy Grail of Tone

What if you had to choose one instrument, one unique guitar that will be your lifelong companion? That question is what started our journey, and it later defined our mission here at Tone Revival Guitars: To resurrect the holy grail of tone.
We aim to create the best custom guitars available today. Unique guitars with excellent playability, old-world skilled handwork and the best sound on the planet.
Using unparalleled craftsmanship, we make heirloom-quality custom guitars that will make you stand out from the crowd and be your lifelong companion.

unique guitars by Tone Revival Guitars

The Journey To Uniqe Guitars

To create our two Custom electric guitar models: “Spirit of the Wind” and the “Thunder Child”, we’ve examined, restored, and played a wide array of instruments, sometimes outside the guitar realm, covering well over a century of workmanship; from antebellum gut-strung guitars, through grail acoustics such as Larsons, pre-war Martins, 40’ Gibsons, and, of course, classic 50’s electrics.

You will find that our unique guitars are not another 50′ style relic replica, but an original design that celebrates the new revival of truly handmade guitars. Set against the harsh reality of the rising digital domain, we are defiant, and proud of our labor, artistic skills, and craftsmanship.

unique guitars by Tone Revival Guitars
Unique Guitar Luthiers - Tone Revival Founders

A few words about who we are.

Benjamin Millar, master luthier and the builder of the world-renowned “Bouzoukitara” which was made for guitarist Yossi Sassi, who shared the stage with, among others, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, pioneering oriental rock across the globe.
Benjamin specializes in guitar making, traditional woodworking techniques and restoration of antique musical instruments.

David Weizmann, the award-winning designer, and the man who is responsible for the best debut guitar model in history- The electric parlor guitar that launched a thousand like it: The “Little Sister”, which was designed for our friends at B&G Guitars and instantly became a modern classic.
David specializes in traditional metalwork and design, and is responsible for all our one-of-a-kind guitar hardware