Boutique Guitar models. Traditional craftsmanship. Resurrecting the holy grail of tone!

"I wasn't able to find a guitar that I liked -so I've made myself one." David Weizmann

When so many brands are becoming “White Label” products by sweatshops in the far east, I focus on the age-old formula of exotic, high-quality materials and superb traditional craftsmanship to create my heirloom-quality guitars.

Most of these guitars are made exclusively from local salvaged and reclaimed lumber from the Land of Israel.

I use ancient olive, Mediterranean Cypress, salvaged Jerusalem Pine, Local wild Rosewood, Rare Judean Desert Acacia, among others.

The dry climate of the region helps to create these phenomenal tonewoods because of the slow growth, and also provides beautiful patterns in the lumber itself.

The sound-My main effort is to “Resurrect the holy grail of tone”. Each one of these was “Tonally Crafted” in order to reproduce my favorite tones from the late 50s to the early 70s without the endless array or stacks of pedals and other “tone enhancers”.

Playability -These super lightweight sonic wonders might be the world’s lightest electric guitars. Based on the concept of the early Delta Bluesmen and their small, lightweight parlor guitars, these instruments are made to become your life long companion.

Heirloom Quality Guitars traditional craftsmanship and design. I cast my own brass hardware using the ancient lost wax technique. I use most of the time traditional hide glue, and traditional French polish, along with other handcrafted features in order to create heirloom-quality instruments.

Boutique guitars with signature flare, artisan workmanship, traditional woodworking and handmade brass hardware.

These are instruments designed to recreate the lost classic guitar tone. Drop your pedal board and various sound “enhancers”, plug straight into your amp and never look back. Destined to become your lifelong companion. 

At 2.3 kg/5lb (Yes including the strings!!!) these featherweight sonic marvels are the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship. These are not yet another tele/les paul replicas!