Stephen Barnes Thunder Child Custom Guitar

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Stephen Barnes got our Thunder Child handmade guitar # 006. It is a Semi hollow body made out of aged Canadian red cedar. Equipped with the best and only accurate lipstick pickup replica available today ( Alnico 5, correct size, etc …) handmade by Dano expert Doug Tulloch.

The guitar is equipped with our handmade brass hardware. The neck is made out of Port Orford Cedar and Ziricote fretboard. Super lightweight guitar 2.4Lb-5.3 Lb.

This is what Stephen wrote:
“Got the guitar yesterday and just opened it today. Fantastic. Each pickup position has wonderful sounds. I usually will find like I like only one position on each guitar, but not so with this. I want to spend some time trying it out with multiple amps I have but sounded so good the first thing I plugged it into that I haven’t wanted to try anything else yet, lol. Already had one friend say it was the most amazing guitar he had ever played. Thank you for making me such an amazing instrument.”