Salvaged Wood Custom Guitar Made From Jerusalem Pine | The Sonic Wonder Guitar

Salvaged Wood Custom Guitar

This  Salvaged wood custom guitar has Just Left the Workshop!

This has been a long and fascinating Journey. A few years ago I’ve found some really old and “well-seasoned” pieces of Jerusalem pine. These big chunks of lumber were left to the elements, so obviously as someone who appreciate natural patina I brought every single piece that I could grab to the workshop.

Boutique Guitar - Salvaged "Battlescar" Jerusalem Pine Sonic Wonder Guitar

When a customer asked me for a wild knotty pine Sonic Wonder Guitar, I picked one of these old pieces and found a few matches. On top of that,the customer wanted an”Ash Tray” bridge cover so I made one from bell brass and oxidized the hardware parts to match the overall rough look of the instrument

The guitar was finished with ten Shellac session over a period of three weeks. It sounds phenomenal with the Mediterranean Cypress neck , wild rosewood fretboard , Broadcaster style bridge pickup and the special neck humbucker lipstick pickup.Boutique Guitar - Salvaged "Battlescar" Jerusalem Pine Sonic Wonder Guitar