An upcoming rare Judean Desert Acacia Guitar and My Favorite Headache!

Wiring the Thunder Child Veloce Guitar -Not for the Faint-Hearted!

The Thunder Child Veloce has six distinctive tone options.It was designed to give the best tonal pallet of both single coil and humbucker tones available. It wasn’t made in order to imitate other guitars. It has a bright warm and super responsive tone with a huge projection that can finally reflect the acoustic quality of the instrument. 

It is quite a headache to wire everything together with this complex rotary switch and that is why one of my favorite moments at the workshop is when I go through all the six positions and realize that everything is spot on. 

The six tonal options are as follows: Bridge humbucker, bridge single coil, bridge and neck lipstick single coils wired in series, neck single coil, neck humbucker and both humbuckers wired in series in the 6th position.