This Sonic Wonder Jerusalem Pine Guitar Just Left the Workshop!

Another holy grail of tone guitar is ready to go!

This Salvaged Jerusalem Pine guitar was built over the past few months with three more guitars that were made from this rare lumber with a unique pickup combination and hardware.

All of these Sonic Wonder handmade guitars started its life as an old
salvaged log of Jerusalem pine that was exposed to the elements over many years.



Using very old pieces of pine is crucial for the building process because the Jerusalem pine is full of resin.
One has to wait a few years before using it.
As time goes by, there is also a continuous process of crystalization
of the resin, which only improves the lumber as a tonewood and is part
of the magic that makes this guitar get this best “vintage” tone
out of the box with this old piece of salvaged pine.


Another one of my favorite features is the shellac finish which is unfortunately extremely rare in the electric guitar luthiers community.
It is a long journey for each guitar, but the result is a beautiful and natural finish that is 100% organic and has a unique antique look, unlike nitro and modern polyurethane, which is basically plastic.
The sought-after aging of nitro on a Les Paul is simply the “yellowing” process of old plastic…

The pickups are Wolftone “Broadcaster” style bridge pickup with a special humbucker lipstick pickup, which I’ve made from the lipsticks made for me by Dano expert, Mr. Doug Tulloch.

The special four-way switch goes as follows: Bridge pickups, bridge, and neck in series, bridge and neck in parallel and neck pickup.

The neck was made from old salvaged Jerusalem Pine with an old salvaged wild Israeli rosewood fingerboard.
The hardware was made by yours truly from brass.
I’ve also kept the “battle scars” that can be seen on the guitar’s body; with all the wormholes and fungus colorations.