The 9 Volts of Glory Boutique Guitar Amp (Deacy Amp) is a magnificent time machine.

Working on our next batch of the glorious 9 VOG guitar amp which is our take on the famous Brian May’s Deacy amp.
This little boutique guitar amp contains one of Rory Gallagher’s favorite overdrive pedals from the early 70s -the Hawk I Tonal Expander.
These revered and sought after overdrive pedals were manufactured for only one year during 1974.
so it took me months to locate one on eBay.
Unlike the modern over saturated distortion tones, I was looking for that classic warm overdrive super expressive tone of a classic amp.
One of my favorite all-time guitar tones is Rory Gallagher’s bluesy vibe and he was one of the few who actually created a direct link between the acoustic vintage early Delta Blues and the 60s blues explosion.
The 9 Volts of Glory amp does just that.
From a design perspective, you can obviously see the heavy influence of the 1920s- a lot of art deco with a combination of brass and wood.
Another important aspect is portability.
Just like the Delta Bluesmen with their small lightweight guitars
(which is another key “component” in our handmade guitars as well)
I was looking for a small portable amp, and of course last but not least was the tone.
3 months of an online search for an original overdrive pedal…
Then when I finally found one I had to stay up till 3 am and to give the seller
an offer he couldn’t refuse…
Stay tuned to part II of my glorious sonic adventure…
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