Mystical Blues with our Spirit of the Wind Custom Guitar

electric guitar

Mystical blues with one of the best sounding guitars on the planet.

The Spirit of the Wind guitar is a triumph of craftsmanship; and at 2.5 kg / 5lb., it is probably one of the lightest electric guitars you’ll find.

The combination of lightweight Port Orford cedar neck and semi-hollow pine body gives an unbelievably responsive feel, woven with complex overtones that make for its warm and rich signature sound. Equipped with two half note Bare Knuckle pickups and our handmade unique brass hardware. To demonstrate the unbelievable tone of this sonic wonder we plugged it straight into a small Fender Champ with real spring reverb.

Recorded with Suhre sm 57 and zoom h-6 .No sound enhancements, no EQ, Our mission is to build you an instrument that will be your lifelong companion on your journey. To create an heirloom quality instrument. Something that will leave it’s mark across generations.