The Thunder Child Custom Guitar Demo

Handmade Guitars


We placed the new Thunder Child Custom Guitar for a test drive in the trusty hands of Aviv Bahar.

The demo is part of our “Cable Test.” We believe that the guitar must sound amazing without any EQ, pedals, effects post processing or enhancements. The guitar was plugged straight into a small Fender Champ and recorded with a Shure sm57 and nothing more.


There are three main reasons that make this guitar phenomenal.

First, it’s our super lightweight construction formula. The Semi-Hollow aged red cedar body with the Port Orford neck with our unique construction formula makes it one of the lightest guitars on the planet
(2.25 kg / 5 pounds (Yes- Including strings!!!!)).

The result is an unbelievably responsive feel, woven with complex overtones that make for its warm and rich signature sound. It sounds beautiful even when it is unplugged.

Add to that our uniquely designed and handmade brass hardware and of course the most accurate 59′ Lipstick pickup replica on the market (created for us by Dano expert Doug Tulloch) and you’ve got the holy grail of guitar tone.

2 Responses
  1. Blue Drew

    Would like to hear a demo with some Blues crunch and some British rock sounds,