More Upcoming Wild Rosewood Thunder Child Veloce Handcrafted Guitars

The Super Lightweight Hollow-body of this Upcoming Wild Rosewood Thunder Child Veloce.

This upcoming Thunder Child Veloce was ordered by Peter with a bookmatched wild salvaged rosewood. I will create the binding channel and attach it tomorrow-It will be a vintage style celluloid Ivoroid binding which I think will match the dark color of the rosewood. The fretboard was also made from the same slab.

The hollow-body reclaimed aged red cedar with the bookmatched wild rosewood weighs at the moment 0.5kg!!!




Notice the structure of the routed body.

The middle piece is thicker and “acts” like the braces at the back of an acoustic guitar for reinforcement


The Back of the Book-Matched Wild Rosewood Top.

All of the tops get the same thin patches of lightweight red cedar which are glued to the back with traditional hide glue. These patches will keep this top straight for many years. Many are not aware of the fact that there is a significant difference in the way the wood vibrates when you use modern glue which actually acts like a thin piece of plastic and absorbs some portion of the acoustic energy and hide glue which acts like an old crystalized wood resin.

It is very noticeable in acoustic instruments.