Rare Mediterranean Cypress Handcrafted Sonic Wonder Guitar


The First Ever Mediterranean Cypress Sonic Wonder Mediterranean Cypress Sonic Wonder!

In my humble opinion, the various types of coniferous lumber are among the best tonewoods in existence.This upcoming Sonic Wonder Guitar is made from aged pine with a salvaged piece of Mediterranean Cypress on top.


Final Shellac Session for the Body!

Mediterranean Cypress was used for thousands of years as the first and only choice for musical instruments in the region. It has a sweet midrange bite and with the specific pickup combination for the Sonic Wonder (Broadcaster style bridge pickup for the bridge and a sweet-sounding lipstick humbucker for the neck), it provides that classic sparkle of a great 50s guitar. 

I’m quite happy with the combination of the tortoiseshell binding. This is the last traditional French polishing session. Next thing is polish and assembly!~!