Our unique custom guitar “Wind Erosion” finish

hand made electric guitar
Sharing with you the process of creating our unique “Wind Erosion” custom finish. It takes 10-14 days to finish this super lightweight pine body guitar.
The body’s construction has the same attributes of an acoustic instrument and in fact, one of the common reactions of our customers is the surprising beautiful acoustic sound that gives our guitars the beautiful bell-like tone.
The pine body is hollow, with a thin top and braces.
The finish is light and keeps the great organic feel and touch of the wood.
We expose the wood grain and then use our special natural compound solution to oxidize it. It takes it about 5-7 days to oxidize and reach the right color.
The next step is using some French polish, which is another organic compound. After that, we use 10 layers of oil to finish it.
The result looks and feels like no other custom guitar.
It is surprisingly light and you get this organic/natural feel and look of an aged wood that was exposed to the elements.
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