Some classic guitar tones with our lightweight semi hollow body Thunder Child Guitar and our “Deacy Amp” on steroids -the 9 Volts of Glory amp.

deacy amp

Plugging your guitar straight into your amp without covering the floor with a huge array of pedals is a lost art nowadays. It seems that if you’ll “pull out the plug” on these “tone enhancers” everybody will go cold turkey. If you want to recreate classic guitar tone you have to play it old school. Don’t be afraid-keep it simple and use one guitar and one amp. Our 9 Volts of glory guitar amp is basically a “Deacy Amp” on steroids. With Rory Gallegher favorite Fuzz/treble Booster built-in it’s easy to recreate classic guitar tones. 

This short video was recorded during a break while shooting a demo of the Thunder Child Guitar with our favorite little monster, the 9 Volts of Glory Amp. It’s part of a track I wrote called “Nicotine Blues” dedicated to the Reef meister, Mr. Keith Richards. Recorded with the camera’s mic, so I apologize for the sound quality.