A Super Lightweight Thunder Child Guitar Leaves the workshop

Thunder Child custom dream Guitar

Another handmade Thunder Child guitar is about to sail across the sea…

This little beauty will leave the workshop tomorrow. It’s our 005 Thunder Child guitar with some special features.

The customer asked us to hand engrave his name on the brass pickup covers, and since it’s a Semi-hollow guitar, he asked us to add one F hole. 

The pickups are the best available replica of a 59′ Dano, which is one of the best sounding pickups ever in my humble opinion. These were made for us by Dano expert Doug Tulloch using the exact Alnico 6 magnet with the same size and the same wire and specs.
It also features our own unique handmade brass hardware and the ancient traditional Shou Sugi Ban finish (charred cedar finish)
This guitar weighs a roughly 5 lb (including the strings!!!)

You can find all the specs here

Sail away, sweet sister….