A finished Thunder Child Guitar

custom electric guitar

This finished Thunder Child custom guitar was sent to L.A. last week to Mr. Moein C. Poudat, Musician, and entrepreneur.

Mr. Poudat ordered a Thunder Child with a soft V neck.Added F-hole and custom engraving of his name on the pickup covers, his initials on the headstock and a small brass plate on the back of the headstock with the date, serial number and the client’s name.

This jaw-dropping gorgeous custom Thunder Child Guitar is equipped with custom lipstick pickups made for us by Dano Expert, Mr. Doug Tulloch. These are the only genuine replica of the 59′ lipsticks using the same Alnico 6 bar with the correct size. The correct wiring etc.

Those lipsticks are in my opinion the holy grail of tone. The guitar itself weighs about 5.5 lb -this super lightweight construction was achieved by our special design and the combination of lightweight wood for the body and neck and our special Shou Sugi Ban traditional Japanese finish.