Assembling some 9 VOG guitar amp cabinets

9 VOG guitar amp cabinets

Assembling some of our lightweight 9 VOG guitar amp cabinets.

Classic pine cabinets and lightweight Black Limba with oil finish.

These cabinets were made for our 9 Volts of Glory guitar amp. Our take on Brian May’s Deacy amp.

These cabinets are part of its warm and bigger than life tone.
The 9 VOG amp is one mean rock-n-roll and blues beast with its killer fuzz tone and gorgeous looks.

Truly handmade with our own legendary real analog circuitry, designed to recreate any classic sound from early electric Chicago blues, through Black Sabbath’s Iommi’s ferocious growl and Page’s early Zeppelin’s small overdriven amps, to Rory Gallagher and Brian May’s soulful tone. Allows you total portability and provides all the fuzz/overdrive you’ll ever need. Gone are the days of lugging around stacks of gear.

Gain structure inspired by the legendary 1973 S. Hawk Tonal Expander Fuzz/ Overdrive used by, among others, Rory Gallagher. Equipped with two 6″ vintage style Alnico speakers.