Customize Your Guitar

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You can order your Thunder Child and Spirit of the Wind guitar
with these special features.

Hand engraved pickup covers

We will engrave your name or motto on our handmade brass p-90 covers or brass lipstick covers. We can do that in any language.

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Choose your favorite neck profile and fretboard radius - we can also create a compound radius.

guitar workshop

Evo gold fretwire is a nickel-free copper alloy that stands the test of time and can really dress up your guitar. Harder than nickel/silver wire, but softer than the stainless. This wire is not plated; it is gold all the way through and retains the gold color once the frets are dressed.

handmade guitar

Our guitars have a hollow-body and semi-hollow body to create a real acoustic tone that will reflect the sound of our tonewoods. Unlike solid body guitars where the wood has less influence on the sonic outcome of the instrument, our guitars were designed to reflect the "color" of the wood itself. You can order your guitar with or without the added "F" hole according to your personal taste.

You can upgrade your Thunder Child to the "Veloce" model equipped with our killer classic tone lipstick humbuckers, these will provide the best classic humbucker tones in spades. These lipstick humbucker pickups are also handmade by Dano expert, Doug Tulloch. Just like the lipstick pickups of the Thunder Child you get the most accurate 59' lipstick pickup replica available on the market. The original lipstick pickups are the ingenious work of Nat Daniel, founder of Danelectro guitars. While he was using real surplus lipstick tubes for his creation, we upgraded it with our own handmade quality brass covers that will last forever and allow us to add hand engraving. Just like the original lipsticks, Doug doesn't use a plastic or fiber bobbin as a form for winding its coil. The original lipstick-tube pickup has its coil wrapped around an alnico VI bar magnet and then wrapped in tape on vintage units, before being inserted into our own brass tube casing. Doug eve uses the best available vintage correct 42 AWG "Plain Enamel" coil wire, so this is actually a legit handmade U.S.A lipstick replica. The "Veloce" model also enables you to choose a six position rotary switch, three classic single coil tones and three classic humbucker tones with our signature bell-like sound.

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Our guitar is made to be your lifelong companion. We will engrave your chosen name for her on the brass plate of the serial number.

custom slide

When you order a guitar, you can receive as a gift one of our brass Blues Bullet guitar slides which are custom made according to the size of your finger for better articulation and posses the classic vibe of the Delta Blues. Your name will be engraved on the slide.

boutique guitar

We offer two types of tuners 1920's style "Golden Age Restoration" tuners and high-quality Waverly tuners (+200$).

custom made guitar

We use a very thin oil /shellac coat. In order to protect it, each guitar is sent with our clear pickguard.